Monday, February 23, 2009

Spring 2009 website is UP!!!

if you're here....... you've probably been there!  the MIXIE Spring 2009 site is finally up. Yay!  Special thanks to  isn't it the most delicious looking collection yet? there's just so much you can mix and match.  we were particularly drawn to mixing Stripes and Prints...... so fun.  we're all looking forward to the SPRING and the only thing more fun than SPRING is SUMMER 2009 which is already photographed and ready to launch in the next 2 months :)  but you'll have to wait.  

keep an eye out for our new featured boutiques.  you'll see where Mixie just shipped and learn a little bit about the cute stores that sell Mixie.  there's always a story and loads of inspiration to be found when you're busy living your DREAMS.  

blessings &  xoxo

another huge reason i'm excited about warm weather is because the mixie studio is FREEZING in the winter and once it warms up i can shed my parka and scarf indoors :)

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tely said...

Looking good...loving SPRING!