Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year
wishing you a very sweet new year!

where have we been?  we've been asked this a lot lately due to the lack of an update on the website.  oops!  we had a wonderfully adorable fall/holiday 2009 line..... it was in stores and photographed and all that jazz.  it just never made it onto the website,  due to a computer crash and other events.  but anyways...... most of our stores got a visit from our Rep so thanks for selling this highly elusive line!  

now onto Spring 2010!  orders are being pulled right now.  we're so excited to start shipping on the 15 of this month.  it's full of must have slouchy back dresses and fluttery sleeves!  lots of cute prints too!

coming up~

Designers & Agents Los Angeles ~March!  we'll be showing Spring immediates, Summer & Early Fall!  send an email to make an appointment or just stop by the booth. Road appointments are also available.  

thanks for the continued support of this little line of mine


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