Thursday, January 19, 2012

                                        Audrey Hepburn shopping in Beverly Hills, with 'Ip', 1958
i will shop local

there are so many reasons to shop local.  we love that the desire to shop local is increasing. admittedly it's become just a way of life to pull up to a shopping center full of box stores and shop totally unconsciously plugged in and move through like a droid.  everything about that just seems so uninspiring and blahhh.

mixie is so very excited to be a part of the local movement.  every single dress created in the mixie studio is 100% made in California.  we work with locals and sell to locals.  we love all the local boutiques we work with.  it feels good give back to our community and to be part of the heart beat of the local movement.

try and shop local............... start with your local farmers market!  then trickle out from there!


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