about the girl

The girl behind the dresses...

Sewing since she was a little girl, Shannon Ely-McGregor has made a business out of making and wearing things she loves. She finds long weekends and vintage treasures a perfect combination for finding inspiration to create Mixie, the clothing line she in known for.

The love of sewing turned into a full blown passion in high school when Shannon and her girlfriends would spend all night sewing up fun new things to wear, (mainly out of tiny calico prints and random scraps found in the high school home economics class room) drinking coffee, and listening to their favorite records.  It was trial and error at it’s finest and some totally cute creations were made…one of which Shannon was wearing the night she met her husband…but that’s a different story. 

After studying fashion design in San Francisco and photography in England, Shannon settled back in Southern California. In 2003, Lelu her 1st beloved label was born!  With the support of her then boyfriend (now husband) she quit her full time job working for a big fashion label and dove full speed into her new endeavor selling Lelu to over 300 boutiques across the US. 

In 2005, she decided it was time to launch even more cuteness and viola…Mixie was born! Named after her nickname Mc (Mick), the Mixie line was to be a rebirth of vintage inspiration and all that had been learned thus far. Mixie is dreamed up and stitched in Southern California by sweet happy close-knit people. Shannon has always loved the homegrown feel of her little business.  “It’s the perfect blend of arts and crafts and fashion.”

Along with running a business that sells to boutiques across the states and internationally, Shannon loves to spend most of her time with her family. Whether it be watching her husband surf on the beach in Hawaii while her littles do summersaults on the sand, or spending cozy family time at home near the beach in SoCal. Nothing better than her husband/business partner who supports her and helps her make her dreams come true, her 3 year old son, the boy who has inspired many a dress that can be worn playing at the park, and her 8 month old baby girl who is inspiring all sorts of cuteness…including a line of tiny Mixie creations that will be launching this spring!

Shannon is happy steering the Mixie ship with a baby on her hip and a closet full of lovely dresses!